Helping hands monkeys are absolutely incredible. They are trained to assist humans who have limited use of their own appendages. These tiny simians can retrieve items, cook, and even bathe their human companions. I don’t want to deprive anyone who really needs one, but I would really like a helping hands monkey of my own, as my motor control isn’t the best and in general I love sitting on my keister. I often find myself without a marshmallow, and no way to get one without getting up and tottering off to the pantry myself. And in the evening, by the fire, it would be really convenient to have a monkey bring me my sherry.

The organization Monkey Helpers used to place helping hands monkeys with people who needed them, but as technology has evolved and become more useful to physically challenged people, their mission has changed to helping the monkeys instead. For more information:

Pictured: My vision of a helping hands monkey

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